WAC Notes July 24 2019

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July 24 2019

Production Run List

Start Slug 12, IHWP In, FFB on always

  • Good - run3595
  • Good - run3596
  • Bad - run3598
    • rcdb says current scan but BCM yields are ~70uA, RMS on detectors look OK!
    • 128 ppm charge asymmetry in BCMs, no Aq running ? -> There are 3 periods of different avg Aq, so maybe a cut will cut out the very large bad Aq stuff
    • BPM 4ac still saturating and 4eX still 12 um widths
  • Bad - run3601
    • Mini-run 0 has ~4X RMS (det reg_asym). Note: Aq feedback off, RHWP rotated back to nominal value
    • There is large BPM noise (20 um widths in the online plots, though it may be some strange outliers)
  • Good - run3602
  • Good - run3603
  • Good - run3604
  • Good - run3605
  • Good - run3606
  • Good - run3607
  • Good - run3608
    • Not sure why the run was too short
    • Too big Aq

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates

  • DET HV Calibration run3594
  • Calibration - run3597
    • RMS (after regression) is fluctuating between miniruns. Looks like current scan run!
    • It is a current scan, bad Aq
    • The BPM4ac is saturating the whole time
    • The BPM 4eX is very wide (12 um widths)
  • PITA Scan RHWP=500 run3599
  • PITA Scan RHWP=500 run3600
    • Aq feedback is off, very short run with elevated det width, big Aq mean


Other Status Updates

  • Accumulated charge = 12.65C
  • Changed regression set (and added combined BPM 4a_4ec X) - git commit - HALOG
    • new file: prex_combiner.3583-.map
    • new file: prex_corrolator.3583-.conf
  • Updated postpan regression "combo_reg.3583-.conf" - git commit 3f8fa67 (prompt repo commit aea4bb3), HALOG
  • Added aggregator scripts to prompt repo - commit 6838abbbae9ca3e02a3a2d6e8d29050b5f9d2437
  • Updated priliminary pedestal maps for 70uA running (for Main, AT, and SAM detectors) HALOG