WAC Notes July 25 2019

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July 25 2019

Production Run List

Start Slug 13, IHWP OUT Flip Right, FFB on always

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates


  • There were many pedestal and event cut problems. From now on, when an event cut isn't absolutely necessary it should be removed - see japan source code for reference of cuts here
  • The BCM appears to be falling apart. We are fixing it and running slug 12 on BCM DG DS in the meantime.
  • BPM 4ec had intermittant problems (iocse10 has issues) and so we are regressing with 4e again. BPM 11X is ok and stays in regression.

  • Increase in Detector widths and Collimator temperature

Other Status Updates