WAC Notes July 26 2019

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July 26 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans

Production Run List

Start Slug 14, IHWP In, FFB on always

    • Since we are using bcm_dg_ds, the width in the bcm asymmetry is 2X of what we had with bcm_an_ds
    • We used the same, bcm_dg_ds, bcm in slug13 also, where the Aq width was ~1.5X of what we had with bcm_an_ds
    • SAM3 started saturating since run3640
    • Should we think about changing saturation limit for this SAM?
    • If we compare with 70uA good run from previous slug, yield of SAMs on Right Hand Side has increased while on the other side decreased
  • Suspicious - run3649
    • Short run with many beam trips
    • Caryn says "attempting to go to production but having some FFB issues"
  • Suspicious - run3650
    • BPM11 saturated
  • Suspicious - run3651
    • BPM11 saturated
  • Good - run3652
  • Good - run3653
  • Good - run3654
  • Good - run3655
  • Good - run3656
  • Good - run3657
  • Good - run3658
  • Good - run3659
  • Good - run3664
    • Regressed detector widths are ~5ppm higher than previous runs->might be due to the jump in current from 70uA to 60uA

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

  • Test run3637
  • Test run3638
  • Test run3639
  • Test - run3640
    • This run was taken during collimator scan
    • Aq widths are too large
  • Test - run3641
    • Aq widths are too large (>200ppm)
    • Started with 1uA checking position then go to 70uA
    • Really a test run
  • Test run3642
  • Test run3643
    • Musson injects 10uA fake signal into digital system after new chassis added
    • All the runs upto here were under slug13 conditions
  • Test run3644
    • Target Trouble Shooting
  • Test run3647
  • Attempting to production but some Feedback issue run3648

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates


Other Status Updates