WAC Notes July 27 2019

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July 27 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans

Production Run List

    • Since we are using bcm_dg_ds, the width in the bcm asymmetry is 2X of what we had with bcm_an_ds
    • Should we think about changing saturation limit for this SAM?
    • If we compare with 70uA good run from previous slug, yield of SAMs on Right Hand Side has increased while on the other side decreased

Start Slug 15, IHWP OUT, FFB on always

  • Good - run3670
  • Good - run3671
  • Good - run3672
    • Aq width is too large
  • Good - run3673
    • Aq width is too large
  • Good - run3674
  • Good - run3675
    • Q1 tripped during the run
    • Used bad_evt_cut.3675.map and now good
  • NeedCut - run3676
    • Mini-run 1 has large width for regressed detectors
    • Can see a spike in bpm plots, may need to cut the events in that region

Start Slug 16, IHWP IN, FFB on always

  • Good - run3678
  • Good - run3679
  • Good - run3680
  • Suspicious - run3681
    • MCC fighting to get beam in hall B
    • Big fluctuation (noise) in second half of the run
    • MCC called to inform they are going to turn hall A FFB of temporarily

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates


Other Status Updates