WAC Notes July 29 2019

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July 29 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans

Production Run List

    • Since we are using bcm_dg_ds, the width in the bcm asymmetry is 2X of what we had with bcm_an_ds

Start Slug 19, IHWP OUT, FFB on always

    • Note:In the middle of the slug the LQ1 stopped working. So I have divided the slug into two parts. First, slug19 which contains the runs with both arm functional and second slug19_right which contains the runs with only right arm functional.
  • Good - run3712
    • LQ1 tripped in the middle of the run bad_evt_cut applied->Now Good
  • Good - run3713
  • Good - run3714
  • Good - run3715
    • Short run to check widths
  • Good - run3716
  • Good - run3717

Start Slug 20, IHWP OUT, FFB on always

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates


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