WAC Notes November 6 2019

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October 23th 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans


Stuff needed for respin

  • List of runs we want to analyze
  • Adjusted BCM cuts to be 15uA below nominal
    • Robert was going to make a list of the runs that are the transitions between "50uA", "70uA", and "85uA" and give that to Weibin
    • Weibin should make a branch off of operations to hold these draft changes
  • Fix the pedestal file ranges (and understand big jumps in pedestal values)
    • Only change in this respin should be adjustment of run ranges if we applied a pedestal change later than it was intended
    • Robert should make a branch off of operations to hold these draft changes
  • Any changes in event cuts needed?
    • I think at the Monday meeting we decided not to change the other cuts this time through.
  • Dither corrections ready to be done for all runs
    • Victoria has a list of "blessed slopes" for the whole PREX-II data set. Right now it is in a spreadsheet; she and Paul will discuss how to use this in the respin most easily