WAC Notes November 6 2019

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November 6th 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans


Stuff needed for respin

  • List of runs we want to analyze
  • Adjusted BCM cuts to be 15uA below nominal
    • Robert was going to make a list of the runs that are the transitions between "50uA", "70uA", and "85uA" and give that to Weibin
    • Weibin should make a branch off of operations to hold these draft changes
    • Robert passed along Caryn's concern about the use of the DS3 BCM as the early normalizing BCM. Should we switch to another BCM for those runs?
      • He has submitted a pull request with these changes
  • Fix the pedestal file ranges (and understand big jumps in pedestal values)
    • Only change in this respin should be adjustment of run ranges if we applied a pedestal change later than it was intended
    • Robert should make a branch off of operations to hold these draft changes
    • Robert has talked with Caryn about the pedestals, and he has a list of things that should be done. He needs to
  • Any changes in event cuts needed?
    • I think at the Monday meeting we decided not to change the other cuts this time through.
    • Tao mentions that there are some runs where we needed to do some special cuts to remove the BMW data. He will look into if that needs to be changed.
  • Dither corrections ready to be done for all runs
    • Victoria has a list of "blessed slopes" for the whole PREX-II data set. Right now it is in a spreadsheet; she and Paul will discuss how to use this in the respin most easily
  • Robert had run into an issue with running the analysis on some of the older runs, where it fails on a run which doesn't have ATs enabled. Is there an easy way to get it to fail more gracefully? This was probably either done by Devi or Cameron. Cameron will look at modifying the individual script to fail more gracefully. Robert warns that there may be other scripts which will also fail and crash the analysis and post-analysis processes. We'll need to make sure we can identify problems as we're running the jobs
  • Paul still intends to ask about getting new or expanded storage allocations for the web plots and similar


Adam, Robert, Ryan, Weibin, Tao, Dmitri

Phone: Paul, Kent, Siyu, Victoria, Cameron