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== Attendance ==
== Attendance ==
Cameron, Ryan, Weibin, Devi, Dmitry
Cameron, Ryan, Weibin, Devi, Dmitry, Tao
Phone:  Victoria, Zeke, Caryn, Robert, Paul K.
Phone:  Victoria, Zeke, Caryn, Robert, Paul K.

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October 23th 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans


Lets follow up on Tao's summarized spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1Y6qR_h4oW4qNmbtdpo2TIX2u_TI5qjRUZIDyEroMfl0/edit#gid=0

Issues Done

  • A bunch of runs from the spreadsheet have been investigated
  • Some tools for investigating runs have been developed by Tao and others (in various repositories, should be joined into JAPAN soon)

Issues Pending

  • Update slugs with accurate RCDB/disagreements - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1Y6qR_h4oW4qNmbtdpo2TIX2u_TI5qjRUZIDyEroMfl0/edit#gid=0
    • Some mis-labelled runs
    • Some runs with NeedsCuts should be addressed at next week's meeting - put your suggestions into the spreadsheet
    • Some runs have disagreeing RCDB/slow tree EPICs data - this needs to be checked carefully and have the Blinder state forced in a separate map
  • Aq failure/large charge asymmetry solution:
    • We should check the pockels cell voltages to see if Aq was trying to be on/when it turns on
    • We should look at the feedback log during these runs to see if it was updating
    • If no Aq feedback running then probably ignore the run
    • Otherwise check when Aq feedback turns back on and see in a prof plot once it converges (by eye) in order to begin accepting data
    • We should check all "bad" run comments to see if they were marked as bad due to Aq failure and re-consider them
    • Weibin will go and look at Aq feedback logs to get this information at first order -> run list (see rootfile in /adaqfs/home/apar/weibin/Aq_FB)
  • Paul will make a special setup script on adaq machines to analyze prex2 runs after tha data directory move

Planned Updates

Event cuts

  • Weibin has surveyed the event cuts (see rootfile in /adaqfs/home/apar/weibin/runcuts)
    • We should fix the "repeated setting" files, or remove them if they don't have other substantive changes.
    • We should standardize the beam current cut on the normailzing BCM as being 15uA below the nominal beam current.
    • The stability cut and burp cut settings on BPMs are kind of messy. Should we try to clean them up? Cameron will look particularly at runs 3450-3452 and a few isolated runs.


  • Devi has made log entries on this:
    • We should look at all of the calibration runs/condition changes and make sure that the pedestals calculated accurately reflect the conditions during that time
    • We should make sure that all pedestal changes are well motivated and no calibration runs were neglected
    • We should make sure that early runs aren't missing pedestals that may currently have later run ranges (Due to late application)
  • Robert has made a log entry on identifying pedestal changes across runs http://ace.phys.virginia.edu/HAPPEX/3917

BCM normalizer, systematic control, etc.

  • Cameron has reproduced Catherine's BCM systematics vs. normalizer/Aq BCM, but now with DDs in it too - this lives in a parallel folder to the main slug plots (called PQB)
  • Victoria and W&M students are running with this and making diagnostics about systematic control on Aq
  • Devaki has revisited up-to-date JAPAN operations map files, made summary list of normalizing BCM in run list and compared conclusion from different sources. http://ace.phys.virginia.edu/HAPPEX/3915

Including Dithering as Production Data

  • Victoria will use cuts to investigate how it looks to include the dithering data (that was cut before) as production data

Farm analysis

  • Devi asked about how to get access to the data from the farm. It's on the cache and we'll put some instructions up soon


Cameron, Ryan, Weibin, Devi, Dmitry, Tao

Phone: Victoria, Zeke, Caryn, Robert, Paul K.