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Respin 1

The goal is to provide a standard device list and output structure across the slugs with new and improved cuts.

Stays the Same

  • Old event cuts are left in place
  • Old device lists are left in place
  • Old regression set is all left in place


HALOG - commit e025565

  • Consistently implement new event cuts (most BPM burp and saturation per wire now)
  • Bad event cuts now a cut, not an analysis run range

Left for consideration later

  • BCM normalization needing to be an_ds1, dg_ds, and then an_us for various time periods

Summary and Aggregation

  • To be done independently with DataFrame code instead of in IO intensive recursion loops
    • How to work around BPM 11 not existing early and postpan keeping track of slopes that exist for any given time...? Should we optimize the slope getter? And should we put in some placeholder 0's to each slug/run/minirun's output to make hadd happier?
    • I can envision using the combiner to make new names for the key items and keeping those names consistent, and stripping superfluous items out of the postpan combo_reg.conf