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Weekly Analysis Coordinator (WAC)

Daily Meeting BlueJeans

Useful Links:

WAC schedule - CREX
CREX Dates (2019-2020) WAC name
12/02 - ?? Cameron Clarke

WAC schedule - PREX II
PREX II Dates (2019) WAC name
06/24 - 07/06 Tao Ye
07/06 - 07/17 Sakib Rahman
07/17 - 07/23 Cameron Clarke
07/23 - 07/30 Devi Adhikari
07/30 - 08/06 Victoria Owen
08/06 - 08/13 Adam Zec and Cameron Clarke
08/13 - 08/20 Robert Radloff
08/20 - 08/27 Ryan Richards
08/27 - 09/03 Adam Zec

WAC Tasks

  1. Coordinate with the Analysis Expert
  2. Run the scripts for looking at daily/weekly data
    • Daily: use gojapan ; cd ~/PREX/prompt ; ./prompt.sh runnumber&
    • Slugly: How To
  3. Look closely at runs marked "junk" and update runs every time something is done in the analysis chain (use PVDB tools)
  4. Collect each shift data - How To
  5. Develop scripts to monitor data
  6. Monitor changes made to the regular japan operations branch. This is the directory that opens when the gojapan command is used at login. The regular japan operations branch is the engine for realtime analysis. So, shiftcrew plot macros should be updated in this branch. If map files are updated, propagate that into japan_wac_only folder.
    • For a given change in the maps/pedestals/cuts, push it to operations and pull to wac only
    • cd ~/PREX/japan/Parity/prminput
    • git add [things that are new]
    • git commit --author=[email]
    • git push -u origin operations
    • [enter username and password for github]
    • cd ~/PREX/japan_WAC_only/Parity/prminput
    • git pull
    • redo prompts with cd ~/PREX/prompt ; ./prompt.sh [runnumber]
  7. Pull in changes from regular japan operations branch into the japan_wac_only folder after reviewing the commits made.
  8. Track developments and make presentations from WAC Notes

Online analysis

 A stable grandroot file can be found in /chafs2/work1/apar/aggRootfiles/slugRootfiles/grandRootfile/archive/grand_aggregator_1-30.root which has all slugs between 1-30. 
 Useful cuts: ihwp==1 (in) ihwp==2 (out)
              wein==1 (right) wein==2 (left)
              hrs==0 (both arm) hrs==1 (right arm only) hrs==2 (left arm only)
 To get an idea about variable nomenclature, look in the root tree or the grand_prototype.pdf
  • comptonPlots
  • Check the Feedback log: (/adaqfs/home/apar/PREX/japan_feedback/LogFiles/Feedback_PITA_log.txt)

Accessing onsite computers

With the access to hallgw, one can have access to the onsite computers.

  • Do not connect remotely to the adaq1 computer unless necessary for some DAQ related process
  • Focus on aonl[1-3], especially for analysis jobs
  • For large analysis jobs focus on the ifarm installation of JAPAN

To get access to hallgw:

  • Request to help desk for 2 factor authentication
    • If approved, you will receive an email guiding you through the steps for setting up the access pin and the pin generator app(MobilePASS)
  • In a terminal type in: ssh username@login.jlab.org
  • With access granted, type in: ssh username@hallgw


To calculate statistical precision so far

Exp error bar = sqrt(1/(sum(1/sigma^2)))