Weekly Meeting Discussion Topics

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List of discussion topics

  • Scheduling for PQB time at the end of APEX (CG?!) every 6 weeks (Starts on 27th Nov)
  • Injector setup and feedback (Caryn, Amali) every 5 weeks (Starts on 4th Dec)
  • Ion chamber positions (CG) every 6 weeks (Starts on 11th Dec)
  • Beamline checkout (Ye, Bob) every 4 weeks (Starts on 27th Nov)
  • Beam modulation (Victoria, Ye) every 4 weeks (Starts on 4th Dec)
  • Tracking and optics (Chandan, Seamus) every 4 weeks (Starts on 11th Dec)
  • Integrating detectors (Dustin) every 6 weeks (Starts on 18th Dec)
  • Analyzer (Paul) every 4 weeks (Starts on 18th Dec)
  • Compton polarimeter (Adam, CG) every 4 weeks (Starts on 18th Dec)
  • Moller polarimeter (Eric, Sanghwa) every 4 weeks (Starts on 11th Dec)
  • GEM detectors (Seamus) "every 4 weeks" (Starts on 4th Dec)
  • Data Acquisition (Bob) "every 4 weeks" (Starts on 11th Dec?)
  • Cavity Beam Monitors (Ye) "every 6 weeks" (Starts in January?)
  • Integrating Beam Monitors (CG?) (Start in January?)