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Open your browser on an a-onl@aonl machine

(firefox from an adaq login terminal will work too)

  1. https://bta/ or
  2. Login with your CUE username/password
  3. File->Open Timesheet
  4. choose: Hall:A -> Day-> Shift: Owl (or Day or Swing)
  5. click "Open"
  6. If you want to edit hour(s), Please click very right "pencil" icon, then make a comment or edit time -- DO NOT USE *EDIT ALL* ON THE BOTTOM
  7. "Load from EPICS" should work in production mode, however you should check the numbers. Also it does not work for other modes like moller commissioning or tests.
  8. MCC likes to have the sheet updated throughout the course of the shift, and they need the first 7 hours completed right at the 1-hour before the end of your shift mark (their shifts end earlier than ours)
  9. To save your edited info into DATABASE, just click "V" (check-mark), it's in the same place where the "pencil" icon was. Don't forget to save, your edits will be wasted !
  10. When MCC call you for BTA (An hour before your shift end), click "SAVE INFO for MCC"
  11. Read number ABU and BANU. (That's it ! This should work !)
  12. End of shift, please sign off
  13. Once you've done, please Logout.

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