Detailed Production plan

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CREX version

Production Condition Test

  1. Check the following has been performed
    • 50uA-70uA beam current, through Compton (backgrounds on fingers and Compton photon detector) with no target
    • Establish 4x4 raster. Insert lead target. (low current, ramp up. check collimator water, vary raster size 4x6?)
    • Set Detector and SAM voltages (Dustin M)
  2. Check Conditions OK
    • collimator water
    • thermocouple temperatures
    • radiation monitors
    • ion chamber stability
  3. Check Locks (these are necessary for main detectors and SAM calibration)
    • Slow Target Lock on 4A, 4E (jmenu->"slow locks"-> Orbit Locks Expanded View -> HallATGT)
    • Fast feedback for HallA on (iocse9)
    • If beam is going through Compton, HallAComLock should probably be on
    • Should HallAMolLock be on?
  4. Parity
    • establish Aq feedback on bcm_an_us
    • document pqb conditions
    • turn on Helicity Magnets? -1000,1000 for first 2 and -200,200 for second 2?
  5. Pedestals
    • Apply pedestals to japan for SAMs and DETs and compton bpms and cavity bpms. Update bcms and bpms if necessary.
  6. Take Data
    • Take at least 1 hour of data
    • Monitor all things above and take screen shots of all parameters above and elog them.
    • Run panguin online to examine feedback, Detector widths, Monitor Widths
    • Regression slopes check from Tao
    • examine simple correlation plots with panguin (are SAMs and DETs normalized in mul tree?)