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For more info about the experiments, see PREX-CREX

Links to various logbooks/docDBs

  • HALOG - use this for short, prompt, frequent entries and work summaries during running
  • "HAPLOG" the PREX/CREX ELOG - use this for more complete summaries
  • DocDB - use this for presentations, technotes, instruction manuals
  • Wiki (these pages) - for organizing the instructions for running, living documents describing HOW TOs, etc.
  • Data tracking, data quality, and analysis results
    • Run Configuration/Conditions Database: Allows browsing of the run conditions; this should also contain links into the prompt analysis output as described below.
    • Panguin Live: beam charge asymmetry and position difference plots through the injector, primarily intended for OPS to use to evaluate the impact of tuning on the parity quality of the beam. The plots update about every 30 seconds or so, but they accumulate a few minutes (so changes are usually gradual).
    • Prompt analysis output: The prompt analysis tool-chain sends plots and text summaries of each run to this directory
  • Operations

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Topic Specific Logbooks