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Not applicable for CREX

  1. If target is in place, turn off scintillator and VDC voltages before putting 1uA current on target to avoid damaging detectors.
  2. Prepare: bring up the BPMPanels stripchart so we can see cavity (Cav 4B and 4D) and stripline (4A and 4E) X and Y position readbacks. (The cavity readbacks are meaningless at high currents)
  3. Establish 1 uA beam using the slow target lock to hold the position at nominal (recorded on the whiteboard)
  4. Record the cavity X and Y positions.
  5. Call MCC and tell them you would like to use the low current cavity lock. Give them the desired positions for bpms 4B and 4D
  6. Switch to this lock and verify the positions do not change.
  7. reduce current to "about 20nA". Even better if you know about what attentuator and slit setting will get you the desired current, but otherwise the operator can set you up.
  8. At very low currents, the readback and the lock will become unstable. Keep an eye on the stripchart to make sure the cavity bpms are still functioning at your working current.