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For Shift Workers

  • The prompt analysis should run immediately after a run is taken, and once the data is done being analyzed the plots should be checked
  • To look at the output
  • For anything else, ask an expert!
  • See also: Analysis Expert

For Experts

General Instructions

The expert shifter must ensure that the online japan analysis is running and monitor panguin plots. In addition, they must execute offline analysis as instructed below.

Online JAPAN

Under normal circumstances the online JAPAN instance is handled by the Analysis Minder GUI launched with CODA

Otherwise: To run an online instance of the JAPAN decoder execute

./build/qwparity --config prex.conf --add-config online_apar.conf

This will automatically grab the current CODA run (it attaches to the 64 bit ET system and analyzes data on the fly) Looking at live plots can be done with PANGUIN in live mode as well, as long as your PANGUIN macro has the line


included in it. A live PANGUIN session will update the plots on a few second cycle, but it can take some time to loop over all of the data. It is possible to trim down the ROOT file output size, which is especially useful in these circumstances. See here for more information.

Offline JAPAN

First login to After the end of each run execute:

cd ../
./ <run number>

Macro for Panguin

Experts can open a custom panguin session on completed runs. Instructions are listed in the "Expert" section on the Panguin page.