Parity feedback and Analysis Minder

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How to Run Feedback - with Analysis Minder GUI

  • From the CODA session's "startcoda" command, a grey "PREX Analyzer Control Tool" should appear
    • If not then type "restartMinder" from the command line to get a fresh copy
  • From this gui you can find the Feedback anaylzer control buttons in the top left portion
    • Start a new feedback instance with the "Launch Feedback RunForever" button
    • Also open the feedback log to visually watch the feedback engine successfully connect to our data stream
    • Once "good" beam is available the feedback engine should make corrections every so often for Halls A and C
    • There are also EPICS strip charts saved in the CREX LivePlot folder that you can monitor the success of the feedback convergence with

How to Run Feedback - manually, with no Analysis Minder GUI

  • Make sure Coda is running
  • You need to be logged in apar account on adqa1:
    •  ssh apar@adaq1 
  • Do gojapan
  • Go to directory:
    •  cd /adaqfs/home/apar/PREX/japan_feedback/ 
  • Run feedback code:
    •  ./feedback_ana 
  • Also,make sure to change the event cut parameter file for appropriate current cuts(If the current is 50ua do 45uA current cut), To change that file
    • 1.Go to directory:
      •  cd /adaqfs/home/apar/PREX/japan_feedback/Parity/prminput 
    • 2.Change, bcm_an_ds3 cut
  • Feedback will automatically run
  • In order to quit Feedback
    •  control+c 
      to crash out of the feedback