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Counting house: 5501 & 5507
Run coordinator: 876-1787
MCC: 7046 & 7047 & 7048
Crew chief: 7045
Guard house: 8522
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Establishing High Current on a Calcium Target

RC Responsibilities

  • Ensure the safe and efficient operation of the experiment
  • Check shift schedule and training status of your shift crew (before YOU start!)
  • Attend the daily MCC meetings (7:45 AM, 8 AM Daily and Wed 1:30PM scheduling meeting).
    • Send daily updates to the halla_running list with the essentials.
  • Attend and report at the weekly Hall A meeting (Tue 1:30 PM)
  • Update the Daily Run Plan and clearly communicate it to the shift crew
  • Run the Daily Meetings at 3:15-4:15 pm in the counting house conference room
  • Check on shift crews at the start of each shift (especially if new)

Useful links

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