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PREX Main<< Information for Shift Takers

Please fill out the Shift Checklist at the beginning of the shift!

Finding the checklist

  • Open the checklist
  • If you are not already logged in, do so by clicking in the upper right of the page
  • You should now be able to click Log in the upper left
  • In log mode, you will be able to add notes in the boxes at the right
  • The checkbox at the left of each item is optional and has no effect on the checklist, similarly the bold link lines are for informational purposes only (though you can feel free to add comments about the status of our documentation in them)

Item Instructions

There is a convenient script in ~/cameronc/SL/ which will walk you through the steps of the shift checklist and provide easily copyable text-outputs for easy entry into the checklist and comparison with expectations

  • Entering shift info
    • Enter the names of the shift workers (Shift Leader, Target Operator, Expert Shift Member, Compton Shift Member)
    • Indicate which shift the checklist is for (day, swing, or owl)
  • Alarm Handler
  • Beam and Hall checks
  • Parity Checks
  • Left Arm Checks
  • Right Arm Checks
  • CODA
  • Beamtime accounting
  • HALOG - Instructions
  • It is important to exit Online Monitors/Panguins, JMenu/StripCharts, and excess Firefox and Terminals when not in use. Otherwise the adaq computers run out of /tmp/ file system storage and RAM and cannot take data efficiently.
  • Empty drip tray and place mug under spout on coffee maker
    • Press the buttons on either side of the tray and pull toward you
    • Place a mug under the spout while emptying the tray (and the previous mug) in the bathroom sink
    • Replace the tray by sliding back into the machine
    • Place a mug under the spout to help keep the tray from overflowing