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Target Operator Responsibilities

  • Keep track of number of good Coulombs/run (via panguin display in Critical Systems tab or via End of run log entry)
  • Operate the target ladder in conjunction with the run plan -> Moving the target (Make a logbook entry after moving the target!)
  • Monitor the target system, paying close attention to the target sensors
  • Make logbook posts of the target status, including sensor strip charts
  • Coordinate with the Shift Leader to ensure all tasks are performed
  • Read Common Problems for information on how to deal with common issues cropping up
  • record every run in the record paper

Suggested tasks for Target Operator

  • Start integrating mode runs (during production)
  • Start Compton runs
    • Monitor Compton data
    • Monitor Compton background rates

Please contact Juliette Mammei with questions or suggestions.