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New Python Alarm Handler

Start a new instance

Execute the ~/bin/ command


Old Hall A Alarm Handler

Figure 1 - Click on the red toolbox in the lower left of the hacweb7 screen (4th icon from the left).
Figure 2 - The alarm handler window when there is a red alarm.
Figure 3 - The window that opens when you click on the alarm handler button. There is a red alarm

Start a new instance of the alarm handler

  • Click on the red toolbox in the lower left corner (see Figure 1)
  • Click on "AlarmHandler"
  • The window shown in Figure 2 should appear
  • Move the alarm handler window to the upper right of the screen
  • Pin the window to all of the desktops
    • Click on the "AlarmHandler" in the upper left corner
    • Mouse over "To Desktop"
    • Choose "All Desktops" at the top of the drop down menu

Responding to an alarm

  • Click on the alarm handler window in the upper right of the hacweb7 monitor (see Figure 2)
  • This will open a window that lists the various pieces of equipmen (see Figure 3)