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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                 948942477
 Bluejeans link:


August 18

Summary Respin2 webpage


  • Data quality check: Minirun and Slug-wise check outliers (us_avg, usl, usr together) of
    • Check 5bpm dit vs. 12bpm Lagr (page 1) and 12bpm reg vs. 5bpm dit (page 9) - Check comparisons of USL vs. USR and pull plots...
    • Method-differences plots
    • Corrections per monitor
    • Method slopes differences (should be benign anyway) (page 17 lagr vs. reg, etc.) - scan
    • Split CREX into the 3 parts -> look for outliers from means that are ~2 sigma pull (scan the tree in part-averaging script, and plot the data in minirun-wise plot) and evaluate potential nefarious causes in the run-wise raw data (usl, usr, us_avg)
      • Lagr vs. reg slope comparison (allbpm eigenvector analysis)
      • Comparing correction per monitor also between Lagr vs. reg (prior times diff_evMon_mean)
      • Corrected asyms differences also between Lagr vs. reg
  • Pitt and slow control averaging plots (signed and unsigned)
  • Evaluate including BMOD in the final-polish/verified data-set (do slug avg, compare means and RMSs of corrected asyms between dataset)

July 21

Looking at results from respin 2 data:

  • dit - reg - lagr differences
  • impact of including error bars on lagrange sensitivities
  • slope plots
  • slope differences per monitor from different techniques (dit vs reg)
  • accumulated residuals (or, residual spread per slug RMS and averages)
  • net beam corrections (3 parts and slugwise)

Tasks for next week:

  • Try to zoom in on the parts where plain and eigen dit corrected asyms disagree
    • Double check the root files and slopes, etc. that there is nothing wrong in the analysis chain
    • The two methods should get identical corrected asyms
    • Verify no 1 arm running shenanigans or mislabeled data slipped in (and that run_avg == eigen_dit_run_avg_part_avgd)
  • Look at where slopes disagree between dit - reg
    • Verify the corrections and/or monitorwise diff RMSs are small (so that if the slopes disagree it has negligible effect on the corrections being made)
    • Make slug_avg plots of the slope disagreements (including RMSs)
    • Make slug_avg plots of the corrections per monitor too
  • Do a 12BPM Eigen Reg and Eigen Lagr comparison
    • See if the slopes agree better than the 5BPM case (where evMons 3 and 4 disagreed substantially between reg and dit)
  • Provide easy to parse tables of the 5 evMon's corrections per 3 CREX parts (and make the error calculation math clear as well)
  • Improve dit-reg-lagr plots
    • Add pull plots
    • Do slug averaging of these (including RMSs)
  • Multipletwise and runwise diff plots being == is suspicious
    • Double check the plotting script isn't doing anything funny
    • Double check the source aggregator root file and input device list are correct
    • Double check the math by plotting the distributions by hand for some example runs

July 14

  • Respin 2 outputs
  • Updated eigenvector definitions
  • Dit + reg + lagrange using eigenvectors
  • Residual sensitivities, done correctly this time

May 19

  • Respin 2: Look at dit vs. reg differences - HAPLOG
    • Look at respin2 dit-reg diff outputs
    • Checked by eye the 4+ sigma outlier miniruns
  • Respin 1: 3 CREX parts’ monitorwise net corrections (and uncertainties?) - HAPLOG
  • Respin 1: Residual dithering sensitivities - HAPLOG
    • Looking at plain BPMs, run_avg sensitivities
    • Looking at eigenvector monitors, run_avg sensitivities
    • Looking at plain BPMs, cyclewise sensitivities
    • Fractional residuals (needs more work in respin2 outputs to clean up outliers) - HAPLOG
  • Timescale dependent RMSs in asym->histogram filling - not discussed - HAPLOG