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In the process of editing and updating this page. Please contact Juliette Mammei crowder@jlab.org with questions or suggestions.

PREX Main<< Information for Shift Takers << Shift Checklist

This is just where I have documented changes to the shift checklist! Not really useful for anything else.

Entering shift info

  • Shift leader
  • Target operator
  • Analysis expert Suggest remove
  • Shift (day, swing, or owl)
    • Enter the names of the shift workers (Shift leader, Target operator, Analysis expert) We don't require an Analysis Expert so we should remove it from here
    • Indicate which shift the checklist is for (day, swing, or owl)

Beam and Hall checks

  • Is alarm handler running on hacweb7? Modify to: Is hall alarm handler running on hacweb7?
  • Add: Is experimental alarm handler running on hacweb7?
  • Beam Energy (GeV) Suggest remove
  • Beam current (µA)
  • Downstream raster (B) on? Yes/No
  • Raster size (x:y mm, see log 3654466 )?
  • Fast feedback on? Yes/No
  • Beam Position Monitor X/Y (mm) A
  • Beam Position Monitor X/Y (mm) E (BPM B in Hall A Tools)
  • Add: Are Compton slow locks functioning?
  • Add: Are target slow locks functioning?
  • Add: Is the energy lock on?
  • BCM temperature (K) (PV, PS, Thermocouple) If these differ by +/-.5 from (110.0,110.0,115.0) make halog entry and contact RC
  • Arc energy NMR locked? ( (Goto ARC or the "Field Management Screen", and verify if the box locked is ON/OFF))
  • Current Target
  • Argon pressure (psi)
  • Ethane pressure (psi)
  • CO2 pressure (psi)
  • Visual Hall Inspection OK?
  • Truck ramp door closed ( use the camera to see the door from mirror)? * Suggest remove
  • Septum current (A) and polarity?
  • Upstream/downstream corrector currents (A) ? * Suggest remove: we don't have correctors for our septum

Parity Checks

  • IHWP setting (IN/OUT)
    • the button that is depressed is the setting I assume these are instructions (looks ok).
    • PGUN and parity controls Do you want something specific from here?
  • RHWP setting (value like 1532)
  • Wien settings?
    • Spin controls - jmenu search for spin I assume these are instructions (looks ok).
    • VWienAngle
    • Phi_FG
    • HWienAngle
    • FLIP(-LEFT) (-RIGHT)
  • SAM HV
  • Septum HV Add

Left Arm Checks

  • Left Arm momentum (GeV)
  • Left Arm Q1, Q2, D, Q3 regulartors on (yes/no, ask experts)? Suggest removing "on" since it hints that we need it on and I think we won't use them because they are set to momentum.
  • Left Arm cryo flow level OK? Yes/No He>60% (Ignore Nitrogen)
  • Left Arm NMR OK? Yes/No
  • Left Arm Q1 Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Left Arm Q2 Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Left Arm D Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Left Arm Q3 Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Is Left VDC gas flow (top/bottom) on?
  • Left VDC HV on (top/bottom)? (off normally)
  • VDC thresholds (All 4 values should be 3.0 V, yes/no) (off normally)
  • Left Cerenkov HV on? Agreed
  • Left Pion rejector HV on? Agreed
  • Main Detector HV
  • GEM HV Add "normally off"
  • Left s0/s2m HV on (s0 may be off for production, check with expert)?
  • Check online plots (y/n)? -LHRS

Right Arm Checks

Similar to Left arm
  • Right arm momentum (GeV)
  • Right Arm Q1, Q2,D,Q3 regulartor on? (yes/no)
  • Right arm cryo flow level OK? Yes/No He>60% (Ignore Nitrogen)
  • Right Arm NMR OK? Yes/No
  • Right Arm Q1 Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Right Arm Q2 Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Right Arm D Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Right Arm Q3 Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Is Right VDC gas flow (top/bottom) on?
  • Right VDC HV on (top/bottom)? (off normally)
  • Right Cerenkov HV on?
  • Right Pion rejector HV on?
  • Right s0/s2m HV on?
  • Main Detector HV
  • GEM HV
  • Right SCIFI HV off (should be off during production runs, y/n)?
  • S3 HV off (ch 6 of SCIFI HV GUI, should be off for production)?
  • Check online plots (y/n)? -RHRS


  • Latest run type (Test, Physics,..)
  • Is the auto replay script running (ask the analysis expert)?
  • Is the APEX run list (in a white binder) completed? Agreed
  • Please attach the left/right HV and Scalers Screenshots to the shift report Suggest to modify to: Attach Hall A Tools screenshot, Septum Power supply screenshot, Septum pipe temperature screenshots, Collimator water temperature screen shots to shift report.
  • Check scalers Not sure we will keep the scalers during regular production running.
  • Time of beginning of latest run (RHRS) Modify (RHRS) to Integrating DAQ
  • Latest run number
  • Dead time (%) Agreed

Beamtime accounting

  • Beamtime accounting table submitted? Generally this is done one hour before the end of shift so I am not sure how useful it is. Unless we want them to check this at the very end of the run; but that runs into the issue that they already took ~7h of data (possibility with problems).

In counting house

  • Is the volume up on hacweb7? (both hardware and software)
  • VESDA System OK? (VESDA is the smoke/fire detection and alarm system. Check the Hall A VESDA Console on the wall beside the door to the compter room
  • Empty drip tray and place mug under spout on coffee maker
    • Press the buttons on either side of the tray and pull toward you
    • Place a mug under the spout while emptying the tray (and the previous mug) in the bathroom sink
    • Replace the tray by sliding back into the machine
    • Place a mug under the spout to help keep the tray from overflowing