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DAQ Device control GUI - Green Monster

Green Monster Functionality

Green Monster is a python GUI for checking and setting values on various boards in the counting house, injector, and the spectrometers. It sends the commands with a standard packet format using cfsocket, to the Vxworks server which sets the values on the boards.

These Vxworks Read-Out Controller computers (ROCs) are responsible for controlling the memory of the various VME modules plugged into the DAQ and storing their measurements and parameters into data. The ROCs can change values in the VME modules, which is how we modify many of the DAQ parameters and settings, so the Green Monster is basically a GUI for changing the DAQ.

Opening Green Monster

The command for running Green Monster is:

python3 ~/rradloff/PyGreenMonster/

(NOTE: It must be run with python3 instead of python, as python uses an older release of python.)

This will spit a bunch of text out on the command line and open a green(ish) window that has multiple tabs. The buttons on the window are what control sending commands. Easy!

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