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In the process of editing and updating this page. Please contact Juliette Mammei with questions or suggestions.


Important Note for Shift Workers

  • Post separate HALOG entry for status changes/events
  • Please fill out the Shift Checklist at the beginning of the shift
  • Access arrangement should be done through the Run Coordinator
  • Documentation of Online Plots
  • Documentation of all alarms
  • Determining tasks and allocating responsibilities is up to the Shift Leader and shift crew to decide amongst themselves at the beginning of a shift

General Instructions for shift crew for parity running

  • watch out for
    • ion chambers
    • collimator temps
    • detector voltages in pengui (usl 5.6 V usr 5.2 V at 70 uA)
    • BPM saturation
    • position locks for > 1 uA: BPMA (x=0.2; y=-0.5) BPME (x=0.2; y=-0.5)
    • raster : 12 by 7.2 in MCC units (width by height) raster synch/unsynced values in the white board outdated?
  • make sure
    • Charge feedback is on
    • FFB ON (see FFB GUI: FF ON, FF DAC ON, EnergyModeRF ON)
    • BeamMod ON after beam is established (BPM gains set and stable and FFB ON)

Before your shift

  • First!! Please read and sign the safety documentation in the counting house. A readable version can be found here!
  • Second!! Please sign up for more shifts

Shift Workers and Their Responsibilities

  • Shift Leader - Point of contact between RC/MCC and shift workers; takes data