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== PREX Shift Information ==
== PREX Shift Information ==
* [[Information for Shift Takers]]
* [[Information for Shift Takers | '''Information for Shift Takers''']]
* [[Run Coordinator Tools]]
* [[Run Coordinator Tools]]

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Welcome to the Wiki for the Lead Radius Experiment ("PREX").   The purpose of this Wiki is to organize information relevant to the running experiment, and to foster communication and collaboration.

If you are looking for the old wiki main page (ca 2010) it is here: Main Page 2010

If you are looking for the March 18-20th Hall A beam tests information please go to: webpage

PREX Shift Information

Planning for 2019 Run

  • Upcoming Schedule
    • Current "plan":
      • We should have all necessary collaboration work in the hall completed by Wednesday day shift.
      • no hall access Weds 6/12 night
      • hot checkout on Thursday, followed by collaborative hall beam tests Friday and on.
      • This is extremely subject to change.
    • Run starts June 17.
  • TaskList for 2019
  • Installation Photo Album
  • Draft (too early, don't bother with it yet) run plan



Collaboration Information

Document Database

Fall 2016 HOWTO

About the PREX Wiki (Including "How to Contribute" )