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PREX Contact Information
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Welcome to the PREX/CREX Wiki !

The purpose of this Wiki is to organize information relevant to the running experiment, and to foster communication and collaboration. For more information, see the webpage at Lead Radius Experiment ("PREX") or .

If you are looking for the March 18-20th Hall A beam tests information please go to: webpage

Please find the PREX II Wiki Main page HERE

Find the Covid-19 restoration plan here (May 29th)

CREX Shift Information

Contact information

  • Direct Counting-House Always-On Bluejeans connection: Also by phone dial 18882402560, key in 779147679 ##.
  • RC phone: 757-876-1787
  • Cordless phone (Target Operator): 757-269-5658
  • Shift leader phone (try not to use this): 757-269-5501

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Daily Collaboration Optics DAQ Analyzer BMOD P2 Analysis Transverse Other

Planning for 2020 Summer Run

PREX Mascot

Useful Links

opticsSpreadSheet Table for offline runlist


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