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(Current Daily Run Plans)
(Current Daily Run Plans)
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Global Run Plan

Current Daily Run Plans

The current day is indicated by a color.

Day, Date Shift Tasks (Responsible Party) Comments/Status
Sat Aug 8 Owl waiting for beam..
Day Waiting for beam
Swing Harp scans on 4A and 4B, estimate size at target. If size at target is greater than 100um x100 um, then good to go. Otherwise ask MCC to tune. insert warm C-hole tgt, Request position locks (BPM 4A and 4B) from the white board. Take spot run, analyse and see the C-hole on spectra. Move beam to get C-hole properly. With the proper target center, determine raster currents for 2mmx2mm and 4mmx4mm raster size. When C-hole center and raster current are found, call RC for starting Optics data taking. checked beam spot size from Harp scan - 143um(x)x209um(y). Good enough for our requirement.
Sun Aug 9 Owl
Day Optics commissioning - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SngpqgLLULtcuKD0t9k-A2Cpmxy1jb5bIYnnP8f8zPM/edit#gid=1910123414
Swing Continue optics data taking. We are planning to skip +1 dp scan completely. After completing -1%dp scan, we will go to the nominal magnet settings and take watercell data for very high statistics (~10M) for (-0.3,-1.5) BPM A and E positions. After that we will request for an access to take out sieve. Then we will take sieve out C target (with and without raster -1M events) and watercell data 10M events for the above BPM positions. Then we will do detector alignment with VDC and GEMs. Finally Qsq measurements. If we are left with time after completing all above steps, then we may go to +1%dp scan or bulleye scan based on how much time available before MCC pushes for higher current.
Mon Aug 10 Owl Continue plan from yesterday's swing
Day During escorted access, take out sieve slits, move upstream and AT detectors to integrating mode. We are going to start high current beam commissioning after the access. With out Sieve slits data, alignment and Qsq will be done in Future.
Swing Going straight tonight (not through chicane) . Continue High current commissioning -Ion chamber calibration upto 20 uA (compare with Feb calibration data). Commissioning FFB, Verify Ca target with spot++. Start Ca target burn off (Call Silviu before starting the burn off procedure). BMod commissioning (call Victoria). Production Ion chamber calibrations done. FFB is commissioned, Burn off is done.
Tue Aug 11 Owl BMod commissioning. Detector alignment with downstream detectors (call Devi, turn on Downstream main det with -1900V. Turn off downstream quartz, VDCs and scintillators before going to high current). Production with whatever acceptable current for Compton background.
Day Accelerator is down for maintenance work
Swing Harp scan on 4A and 4B, estimate beam size at target (>100umx100um). Take spot run with C-hole target with (-0.3,-1.5) position locks and 4x4 raster. verify position locks. Moved Ca target (2x2 raster), Do alignment check (Call Devi). Hand over to MCC to address Compton background issue with 150 uA beam. FFB diagnosis and production
Wed Aug 12 Owl Continued plan from swing shift Beam back around 3 am. Adjusted gang phase, established FFB. Better Compton background rates. Detector alignment. production.
Day Started tuning through Compton chicane. If everything goes well we will go for Compton commissioning (contact Juan Carlos/Adam).
Swing Storm delayed commissioning into the evening. Got decent Compton background rates at ~11pm.
Thr Aug 13 Owl Production with 120uA (due to 10kHz background on the Compton table at 150). Run overnight.
Day Beam studies (access concurrently) 9-11. Further Compton tuning 11-1pm. Production
Swing Production
Fri Aug 14 Owl PITA scan, pedestal scan (may want to look at BPMs as well). Production.
Day Potential Compton tuning (2h). Production.
Swing Production
Sat Aug 15 Owl Production
Day Production.
Swing Production
Sun Aug 16 Owl Production
Day Production.
Swing Production
Mon Aug 17 Owl Production
Day Production
Swing Production
Tue Aug 18 Owl Production
Day 4h machine setup; Production
Swing Production
Wed Aug 19 Owl Production
Day Moller Completed, online results 87.04% (IHWP IN), 87.33 % (IHWP OUT)
Swing Production
Thu Aug 20 Owl Production
Day Production Accelerator is down for the later half of the shift due to NL 1L25 vacuum pump issue
Swing Production No beam, Accelerator is down due to NL 1L25 vacuum pump issue
Fri Aug 21 Owl Production No beam, Accelerator is down
Day Production No beam, Accelerator is down
Swing Production Hall C down for target work
Sat Aug 22 Owl Production Hall C down for target work
Day Production Hall C down for target work
Swing Production Hall C down for target work, Put PID lock on HALLA:dpp around between 6:30-7pm.
Sun Aug 23 Owl Production Hall C down for target work
Day Production Hall C down for target work
Swing Production Hall C down for target work
Mon Aug 24 Owl Production Hall C down for target work
Day Production Hall C down for target work
Swing Production
Tue Aug 25 Owl Production
Day Production, Qsq measurement Access for LHRS VDC fix, Accelerator down for 1L13 fix, Hall C Moller measurement
Swing Production No useful beam for production, septum trips and hard time to get Compton bg rates under control
Wed Aug 26 Owl Production
Day Production
Swing Production
Thu Aug 27 Owl Production
Day Production
Swing Production
Fri Aug 28 Owl Production
Day Production
Swing Get back to production (at new current).
0. Start by ramping(cycling) quads and septum back up to nominal values and take hall back to Beam Permit. 
1. Usual checks. Beam spot size (previously around 300 um) and raster size with Spot++ on C-hole.
2. Check Compton rates at 10 muA on C-1%. If we are 20% lower in current, the Compton rates should reflect this. Let MCC know that conditions are degrading if this is not the case. Make sure HVs are correct- main detector and SAMs on and others off.
3. Establish beam current at new level on Ca48 and reset IC levels. You will have to provide MCC with new IC threshold values for the current being sent. These are on a printout close to the center computer console. Verify that the thresholds are close (~7% above mean values). Check dpp and beam position are good. 
4. When beam is stable, call Ye (swing) or Victoria (owl) and they will check that it is safe to turn on BMOD and that the setup works. Due to possible changes in the optics tune DO NOT turn on BMod until the experts say it is safe. 
5. At some point the Owl crew should take new pedestal runs for new current settings: BCMs (most critical), BPMs, detectors
6. Ensure the lower current more than makes up for lost Coulombs by increased efficiency.
Sat Aug 29 Owl
Day Take production data.

Take 5 min bleedthrough run with Hall C on and Hall A off slit open. Take 5 min run with Hall C on and Hall A off slit closed.

Swing Take production data. Check quality of Compton polarimetry data.
Sun Aug 30 Owl Production. Take a new set of pedestal runs.
Day Production
Swing Production
Mon Aug 31 Owl Production.
Day Pass change for Hall C. Take production until 8:30 or until beam is taken away for pass change. Hall sweep already arranged. Ramp down magnets (quads, septum, dipoles) and park target. Take hall to restricted access then you are free to go.
Swing Hall C 1 pass cancelled. Back to taking production.
Tue Sep 1 Owl Production
Day Production
Swing Production
Wed Sep 2 Owl Production
Day RF recovery starting at 10AM for 6-8 hours. Then bringing Hall C back on.
Swing RF recovery finishes up and then Hall C coming back online. We will need to do the usual checks of spot and raster size and Compton rates etc to bring us back to production. Hall C will once again dictate the frequency of IHWP flips.
Thu Sep 3 Owl production+bpm pedestal
Day production
Swing production
Fri Sep 4 Owl production https://prex.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Moller_Pre-requisite_Procedure
Day Moller measurement starting at 8:30 AM

Previous Daily Run Plans

Instructions for RC

  • Let the day shift know what to do while you attend the MCC meeting
  • Copy the daily run plans for the previous week to the Run plan history CREX
  • Copy the Run Plan Template table to this page and change the dates
  • Update the plan above (if necessary) after the MCC meeting