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Shift Leader Responsibilities

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with shift crews and MCC (7047)
    • arrive ~10 min. early to your shift to talk with the previous shift crew
    • Answer the phone
    • Communicate with the RC
  • Consult the Daily Run Plan and contact the run coordinator whenever problems happen that cannot be solved by shift workers
  • Log any status information to the HALOG (Make sure to log in!)
  • Maintain data taking quality and an efficient use of beam time
    • Use Panguin to evaluate data quality
  • Post Snapshots with HALOG of important information at least twice a shift.
    • Include- Hall A tools, BPM strip-charts, and BCM strip-charts.
    • Include any snapshots of the details after a change
    • Please feel free to post these Snapshots more often
  • Keep track of beam time accounting
  • Follow the directives in the COO!
  • Log the following in an end of shift summary in the HALOG:
    • run list (describing the goal of this run: eg production on Pb, BCM calibration...) and report main statistic numbers
    • any major events, including hall access (in addition to making log entries when they happen)
  • Complete the Shift Checklist at the beginning of the shift - see Instructions
  • A PREX Expert will be on hand for most shifts (although not required by the COO) to help out in high demand situations. Please coordinate with them as well.

Please contact Juliette Mammei with questions or suggestions.