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How To Run spot++

  1. You need to be logged on to the a-onl account
    • ssh –X aonl2 –l a-onl
  2. Then type either:
    • spot_L run# for the LHRS (Recommended)

      spot_R run# for the RHRS

    • If no run # is given, analyzes last run taken
  3. Plots should pop up after a few seconds
  4. When prompted, type y or n to upload the plots to the Elog (or not)

Notes to be incorporated into the above list:

  • Make sure CODA is running with beam on. Of course, that's the spectrometer DAQ, not the PREX DAQ. You'll need some triggers (adjust prescale factors to get at least 50 Hz of something, if possible).
  • Need a link to how to run the HRS CODA
  • You can get "strange printouts" of errors if you only type spot++ and the last run was for R-HRS, so it's clearer to do what is listed above than to use spot++. (note, this is because spot++ is actually spot_L).
  • Hint: Type "spot help" to learn more options.

More Info

What do the plots mean?

Need to put examples of output when we have them

BPMA y vs x: Shows the beam location at BPM A

BPMA x: Shows the number of events at each x value in BPM A

BPMA y: Shows the number of events at each y value in BPM A

BPMB y vs x, BPMB x, BPMB y: Same as above but for BPM B

Beam at target y vs x, …x, …y: Same as above for at the target

BPMA Antenna 1, 2, 3, 4: Signal at the four wires of BPM A, one for X+, X-, Y+, Y-, respectively

BPMB Antenna 1, 2, 3, 4: Same as above but for BPM B