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Further information is available in DAQ Documentation Portal and DAQ Testing Portal

Maps and layout schematics of the various DAQ systems relevant for running Hall A Parity experiments.

See also - DAQ Commissioning Notes, DAQ Testing

Hall A Counting House Parity DAQ

UPDATE 7/5/2019

I changed the timing a bit, put back to 1024 after we had been in beam synch 1021 num_samples. Made sure the timebrd integration gate matches: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3698934. The DocDB timing diagram has been updated with this timing information now too, and here is the wiki .pdf copy.


Timing diagrams and P2P maps of CH and RHS crates, Channel Maps, Timing Diagrams


A point to point map from April 4th 2019 is here.


The counting house Beamline Monitoring DAQ layout is (February 20th) documented in HAPLOG 3603

Injector DAQ

Injector Timing Diagram


See DAQ Testing 11-6-2018




Moller Polarimeter DAQ

Compton Polarimeter DAQ