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=== PREX Collimator ==  
=== PREX Collimator ==  
* [[ | Reset collimator temp IOC]]
* [[Reset collimator temp IOC]]

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Overview of Shift Tasks

  • Ask the expert (back room) if something is unclear.
  • Start / stop runs using the Parity DAQ (apar@adaq1). Keep runs <430 K events, about 1 hour.
  • Verify that Charge Asymmetry feedback is running. The data are practically useless if not.
  • Verify that Beam Modulation is running
  • Look at the Panguin ("online analyzer") plots
  • Analyze ("fast prompt") each run and review the prompt plots.

Taking Data

= PREX Collimator

Magnets =






Beam Modulation


Fall 2016 HOWTO

Expert Tools

Setting up Postpan

Setting up japan

Running prompt

Performing Dithering Corrections

Pictures needed