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* [[Magnets#Set HRS magnets | Set HRS magnets]]
* [[Magnets#Set HRS magnets | Set HRS magnets]]
* [[Magnets#Set Septum magnets |Set Septum magnets]]
* [[Magnets#Set Septum magnets |Set Septum magnets]]
* [[https://hallaweb.jlab.org/parity/prex/runinfo/troubleshooting.html#magnet_controls_down Magnet Controls Down]]
* [https://hallaweb.jlab.org/parity/prex/runinfo/troubleshooting.html#magnet_controls_down Magnet Controls Down]
== Target ==
== Target ==

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PREX Main<< Information for Shift Takers << Shift Leader

Overview of Shift Tasks

  • Ask the expert (back room) if something is unclear.
  • Start / stop runs using the Parity DAQ (apar@adaq1). Keep runs <430 K events, about 1 hour.
  • Verify that Charge Asymmetry feedback is running. The data are practically useless if not.
  • Verify that Beam Modulation is running
  • Look at the Panguin ("online analyzer") plots
  • Analyze ("fast prompt") each run and review the prompt plots.

Taking Data

PREX Collimator







Beam Modulation


Fall 2016 HOWTO

Expert Tools

Setting up Postpan

Setting up japan

Running prompt

Performing Dithering Corrections

Pictures needed